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A. Clubs are small, peer groups where Patreon creators meet to share experiences and support each other. The “A” stands for accountability — but also ally, action, audacious, and amazing!

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Frequently asked questions

Check out the FAQs to learn more about A. Club.

How do I join an A. Club?

To join a club, visit the club page to see if it's a match for your interests, whether you meet any eligibility requirements, and to make sure the club meeting times work for your schedule.

The types of clubs that are available at any given time varies. If you don't find a club that's right for you, you can apply to start a new club as an A. Club Captain, or check back on this page later to see if any of the new clubs match your interests.

How do A. Club meetings work?

A. Club Captains choose the meeting dates, time, and virtual meeting platform for the club when they launch. Some clubs meet weekly, others less frequently. Some rely solely on live meetings to move the conversation along, while others use chat platforms like Discord to stay in touch outside of meetups. Please ensure you can make most of the scheduled meetings when you sign up.

Captains will reach out to welcome registered club members and set expectations for the first meeting. From there, it's about what you create together! Everyone participates to create the experience that will be most valuable for all of you. The captain will make sure the club stays organized and any club member can volunteer to help with things like taking notes or sending meeting reminders.

Do I need to attend live sessions to join?

A. Club works best when club members hold themselves accountable to what they want from the club and to the support they can offer other creators. Remember, It's not a class, it's a club! Anyone who RSVPs to a club is expected to attend most of the live meetings.

Of course, we know that life happens and other commitments may take priority. If a club member is unable to attend a meetup, we ask that they reach out to the club captain to let them know.

What if I want to create a new club, but I don't want to be captain?

Every A. Club needs a captain! If you really don’t think you can fulfill captain duties, some ways you might find one are:

  • Talk to your Patreon creator friends! Someone might want to take the lead if you offer to help support.
  • Head over to Patreon's Official Creator Community Discord server and propose your new club idea in #ask-the-community or one of the creator-specific channels like #writing or #gaming. You may find people who are excited about your club and willing to take on the captain role.
What makes a good club captain?

This volunteer role is perfect for an organized, community-minded and flexible leader who is interested in empowering themselves and their club members. It might be for you if:

  • You like to bring people together and want to support other creators.
  • You’re organized, and can manage setting up club meetings, sending reminders, and tracking club attendance.
  • You’re flexible. All clubs start with a great idea, and together the club shapes conversations around their collective needs.
  • You’re a good listener and you ask before you give people advice.
  • You want to partner with Patreon to learn how to best support other creators like you.
  • You want to gather a group of creators around a new A. Club purpose, or replicate an existing A. Club for your time zone.

All are welcome! We encourage creators from all backgrounds, mediums, and abilities on the Patreon platform to participate. We find that the most successful A. Club Captains have been on the platform for at least one to two years. Captains who don’t meet that threshold are still encouraged to apply, though we don’t recommend you start a club in your first six months as a Patreon creator.

What kind of club can I host?

Clubs can be organized around the medium you work in, a project or idea, or affinity group. There are all kinds of clubs that meet regularly - some focus on accountability and to-do lists, or others are more project-based with tasks like benefit or tier revamps. Some simply offer a gathering place for creators of similar disciplines to share best practices. Ultimately, the goal of these clubs is to give you the confidence you need to hit your goals, accountability to keep on track, and incredible connections with other creators.

You’re welcome to organize a club around something you need (ex. I want feedback on my writing), but the club should also give others the opportunity to participate and get support (ex. I want feedback on my writing and want to help other writers, so I’ll start a writing workshop).

When you apply to host a club, the answer to the secret question is “renaissance.”

How does Patreon support club captains?

A. Club Captains get:

  • The opportunity to connect with and learn from fellow captains and the Patreon team through live virtual meetups and a private channel in Patreon’s Discord server.
  • A workbook to help you craft your club description, a launch guide with tips and templates for managing club operations, and a resource sheet with handy help articles, workshops, blog posts, and inspiration for common creator goals.
  • Sneak peeks of new Patreon product features and policy proposals.
  • Exclusive captain swag.