Creator Ambassador Program

The Creator Ambassador program recognizes creators who have built successful memberships and advocate for fellow creators. Ambassadors are responsible for testing new product features, partnering with us on promotional opportunities, and representing Patreon in creator communities both online and offline.

Become an ambassador

Our ambassadors embody what Patreon is all about: creativity, community, and collaboration. Here, you’ll be a partner and role model to other creators as you continue to grow your own membership and community.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Creator Ambassador Program?

The Creator Ambassador Program brings together creators of all kinds who are building incredible communities on Patreon. It’s our way of recognizing your effort and working more closely with you on your upcoming projects. Some perks include invites to exclusive events, gifts, swag, product sneak peeks, and promotional opportunities.

How do I become a Patreon ambassador?

Due to limited capacity, the program is primarily by invitation. However, we do consider all applications so if you’re enthusiastic about partnering with Patreon and feel like you can offer value to fellow creators as a Patreon ambassador, please apply here.

Is this a paid program?

This is not a paid program because creator ambassadors don’t have any work requirements. Being a member of the program, however, may lead to additional paid opportunities.

What are the benefits of being a Patreon ambassador?

Creator ambassadors partner with Patreon to make it a valuable destination for all creators. Through this program, we bring creators behind the scenes to help build a product, story, and community that resonates with creators of all shapes and sizes. Exclusive benefits include early access to new product features, a role as a leader in our community spaces, and promotional opportunities in campaigns, events, and on social media. The full list of perks can be found above.

What do you require ambassadors to do? What is the time commitment?

Ambassadors are invited to participate in a number of workshops, events, research surveys, feedback sessions, social media campaigns, videos, and more. With that said, there are no strict requirements to participate in these each month. We ask that you engage when you can and remain actively involved with your Patreon and creator communities.

Who is eligible to be a Patreon ambassador? What are the criteria?

Our ambassadors embody what Patreon is all about: creativity, community, and collaboration. Ambassadors have built sustainable creative businesses and have forged deep connections with their communities.

  • Brand Fit. Ambassadors reflect Patreon’s own core values – they’re ambitious go-getters who are kind, inclusive, and action-oriented.

  • Enthusiasm. Ambassadors are excited to deepen their relationship with Patreon for reasons beyond monetary compensation. They are proud of building their membership on Patreon and have/will share their enthusiasm on and offline.

  • Diversity. Ambassadors represent the diverse creators building communities on our platform.

  • Success. They’re building a creative business on Patreon and want to share with more creators. Ambassadors earn over $1,000 per month via Patreon and oftentimes much more.

  • Actively engaged. Have posted on Patreon 2+ posts per month for consecutive two months.

  • Experienced. Have been actively running their Patreon for six months or more.

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