How to start selling digital products on Patreon

Earn in new ways by selling videos, podcasts, files, and more, directly on Patreon.

Between ad revenue, brand partnerships, and platform funds, you have more ways than ever to get paid as a creator. But most of those income streams don’t come straight from the people who love your work. Selling digital products on Patreon is an easy, reliable way to earn directly from your community, in a space where they’re already gathering around your work.

Now you can sell digital media in your own shop to anyone, whether they’re a member or not. Creators are already selling an array of products including comedy specials, podcast episodes, web comics, brush packs, tutorials, 3d print files, ebooks, and more. Over 60% of all product sales have come from non-members, which means creators are making new connections with fans on Patreon. And with the ability to make products free for paying members, it’s also a way to grow your existing membership.

You can get started today by adding a product to your Shop tab. Just upload your product, share some details about it, choose a price, and you’re ready to start selling.


It’s free to list a product. When you make a sale, you’ll pay 5% of monthly sales to Patreon, plus payment processing and payout fees, and (if applicable) currency conversion fees and taxes. Learn more about pricing.

Cases in point

One way to appeal to both members and non-members is to sell work that doesn’t typically fit into a monthly membership structure, like live show recordings, seasonal prints, scripts, or thematic video tutorials. Fiction podcasters Royals of Malibu built anticipation for their upcoming season by selling episode scripts in their shop. Comic artist Gabby is selling a graphic novel, along with the behind-the-scenes content and standalone comics offered in her membership. Sangita Padhke offers a video course on pastel painting.

Selling individual works may even be an opportunity to take a creative risk. When Amanda Seales set out to make a political comedy documentary while exploring whether she should run for public office, she decided to create her passion project exactly how she wanted: independently, through her own production company and distributed on Patreon.

“In Amanda We Trust” premiered on Patreon in August 2023, accompanied by in-person screenings in three cities and a live virtual screening for her Seales Squad members. “In Amanda We Trust” netted six times as much in its first month of sales as her typical monthly membership earnings.

Beyond its financial success, “In Amanda We Trust” also proved to Amanda that she could educate while entertaining:

“I realized that I really am supposed to be an educator. People were like ‘oh I learned so much. It felt empowering to watch.’ And it felt really good to know that I could do that with my art. Because sometimes I feel like you have to choose if you’re going to be the educator, hitting them in the head, or if you’re going to be making folks feel good.”

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