Introducing Backstage with Patreon

By Brian Keller

Backstage with Patreon empowers creative businesses on Patreon, with interviews that provide an inside look at the current and future of the platform, and valuable insights from fellow creators.

Introducing Backstage with Patreon

Episode Transcript

Hello Creators! You are Backstage with Patreon, where we open the curtain on how to build a thriving business on Patreon. I’m Brian Keller from the Creator Success team.

On the show, we’ll be talking to creators who have built a membership business and active community using Patreon, about their insights, challenges, and tips for other creators. We’ll also be bringing Patreon staff onto the show to give the inside scoop about product features that are launching, and the best practices that the Creator Success team has honed through working with the largest creators on the platform.

You’ll hear from a creator who makes illustrated maps for pirate-themed role playing adventures about balancing different revenue streams, a singer songwriter about breaking through uncertainty to cultivate your community, from the product manager who launched Patreon’s simplified billing model about how to apply it to your membership, and our team’s expert on promotional techniques to acquire more patrons. And that’s just in the first month of the show.

We’ll have new episodes each week, and in under 30 minutes you’ll be equipped with tactics and inspiration for taking your creative business to the next level. Come join us and catch every episode of Backstage with Patreon, by following or subscribing in your podcast app. We also have transcripts available at You’ll grow as a creator by listening to the show, so bring along other creators and share the show with someone who is also running a creative business.

You can also be an active collaborator with Backstage with Patreon. Come join the discussion in the Official Patreon Creator Community Discord server. Follow the link in the episode notes and you can get answers to your follow-up questions directly from the guests, and weigh in on what topics we’ll be covering next.

I’m Brian Keller; see you next time, backstage.