Membership Mastery: A class for creators from Patreon and Skillshare

By Wynne Renz

Host Hallease Narvae teaches Membership Mastery, an hour-long Skillshare class, produced by Patreon.

Ready to take your membership business to the next level? With Patreon creator and top Skillshare teacher Hallease Narvaez as your guide, you’ll gain practical skills in this one-hour, self-paced class.

Maybe you've spent years creating behind the scenes — but you're not exactly sure how to grow your business. Or maybe you've offered membership on Patreon for a while, but you want to get more people to join and stay engaged. Whether you're ready to start offering membership for the first time or you'd like to revamp your approach, it can help to learn from experienced creators who've been there and know what works.

One of those experienced creators is Atlanta-based digital storyteller, video producer, and YouTuber Hallease Narvaez. As a long-time Patreon creator and one of Skillshare's top teachers, Hallease knows the ins and outs of membership and how to help creators level up their craft. We've teamed up with her to bring you her best advice, along with proven strategies from Patreon insiders, and real-life examples and inspiration from more than 25 Patreon creators who have successfully grown their membership businesses.

Hallease hosts Membership Mastery, an hour-long class for creators, from Patreon and Skillshare, with everything you need to know to build, grow, and sustain membership. And it's busy-creator-friendly: You can learn at your own pace with bite-sized video lessons, activities, and planning tools.

Here's a peek at the ways Membership Mastery can help you level up your membership business, no matter where you're at in your Patreon journey.

Learn for free with a special deal from Skillshare and Patreon

As part of our collaboration, you get two months of free access to Skillshare to explore thousands of hands-on creative classes in entrepreneurship, filmmaking, productivity, photography, graphic design, and more. That means after you finish Membership Mastery, you can level up your skills even further.

To get started, enroll in Membership Mastery.

Dive into the art of building a membership

From the first video to the last, Hallease shares tools and strategies to help you attract new members, maintain momentum, and keep your membership growing (not plateauing). You'll learn how to set the mission, vision, and goals for your business, invite fans to your membership, convert visitors to members, and retain members to build a thriving community over time.

This course is uniquely focused on building and nurturing one of the most valuable aspects of being a creator: your community. In this video series, perfectly packed into one hour, you'll learn about:

  • The REAL Growth Cycle, a simple and repeatable process for honing your Patreon offering, launching (or re-launching) it, and planning for growth
  • The membership funnel, a model that can help you understand where to focus your energies to best drive growth
  • Promotion strategies, including how to authentically and effectively promote your membership across your channels
  • Actionable tools and tips, including tested ways to acquire and retain new members

Seasoned Patreon creator? Explore how to expand your member base

If you know your way around Patreon, you've likely already seen what membership can do for your community and creative business. If you're looking for a jolt of inspiration and new tactics to reinvigorate your approach, Membership Mastery can help you find fresh ways to grow and retain your members. In this series, you'll learn how to create winning social media strategies, collaborate with fellow creators, create exclusive content (or even better exclusive content), and cultivate a deeper sense of community through things like member events — so you can entice new fans to join and keep current members interested and engaged.

New to Patreon? Get started with the essential building blocks of membership

If you're just starting out, Membership Mastery can help you learn the essentials for launching and growing a membership business on Patreon. You'll get a guided tour of how to build your community on Patreon, invite your fans to join, and offer exclusive content and community experiences that will get them to sign up and stick around. You'll also learn the building blocks of a successful launch, and get tools to help you with yours, including a marketing calendar template, example promotional posts, and strategies for authentic marketing and promotion. And with guidance from successful creators who've already done it, you may find it easier to put any doubts aside and start earning sustainable income from your work.

Get started with Membership Mastery

Learning from fellow creators, who have been exactly where you are right now, is one of the best and fastest ways to overcome any obstacles you face now or down the road. By leveraging Membership Mastery, and Hallease's earned expertise, you can turn new fans into committed Patreon members, or membership plateaus to new membership peaks.

Ready to dive into all things membership? To start learning level-up strategies from experienced creators, enroll in Membership Mastery.

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