Your launch day checklist: 10 things to do to get ready

By Francesca Margherita

Photo by Jeremy Cohen, featuring OlaRonke Akinmowo of The Free Black Women's Library

To prepare for a successful launch day, use this 10-step checklist as a guide.

Eager to share your Patreon with the world? To help you make sure you’re covering all the right bases, setting yourself up for the most successful launch possible, and helping your potential new members get clear about what you’re offering and how they can sign up, here’s a list of ten things you can do to prepare. You’ve got this!

Let people know how they can become a member

1) Share links in all the relevant spots

To let potential new members know where to sign up, update your bio, Linktree, and profiles on all your social channels with your new Patreon link, and post the link to Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Snapchat, your website, your blog, and anywhere else you’re active online. 40% of traffic to Patreon pages is driven by social media, so getting the word out through these channels is essential.

2) Give a sneak peak

Announce your launch on your feeds, in stories, and across all your main channels with a call-to-action to sign up. To drum up excitement, tease the exclusive content and community experiences that your fans can access if they become members.

3) Add the Patreon logo and banner to your social media channels

Add a Patreon banner to your social media cover photos, the top of your website, and your bios. And, add Patreon’s logo to your YouTube banner and other relevant spots. To download Patreon’s banner and logo files, check out the brand resource center for easy access.

4) Promote your membership link in the descriptions of your newest and most-viewed videos

Catch the eye of viewers who love your videos on YouTube and wherever you post videos, and explain how they can get exclusive access to more videos like this one, if they become a member. And, remember to add your membership sign-up link to your future videos, as well.

5) Pin a comment with a call to action

On TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other spaces that you moderate, pin a comment with information on how your viewers, fans, and community can sign up to become a member of your Patreon.

6) Spread the word over email

Did you know that email newsletters have higher conversion rates of turning fans into members, even more so than social posts? Consider sending an email to your newsletter subscribers and friends with the story of why you decided to launch a Patreon. Let them know how much their support would mean to you — and what value they’ll get in exchange for joining.

Pro tip: Include your Patreon link in your email signature. It works!

Launch with style

7) Schedule a kick-off party

Host a launch party to build excitement. Whether you gather fans in person or livestream your celebrations online, it’s up to you. As a bonus, you can take pics and quick footage of the party and share it back to your patrons as part of a behind-the-scenes membership benefit.

8) Launch with a special offer

Want to really get your fanbase pumped for your launch? Set up a special offer on Patreon and share a limited-time benefit to your earliest members. Timing a special offer with the launch of your creator page can go a long way towards getting more members to sign up once you go live on Patreon, since it shows that you are offering great value and treating your members well.

9) Repost, reshare, and retweet

Whenever you can, show appreciation and interact with fans and new members when they post about your launch. On social media and in your online communities, follow up on launch day and thank all your fans who become patrons. Not only will this help foster a powerful connection between you and your members, it will intrigue more fans to follow the hype and possibly join, too. Tapping into the energy from the launch can help you acquire even more new members.

10) Call on the influence of others

You probably have friends or know other creators who might be willing to share your announcement or post a story about your launch to share with their fans and patrons. Consider providing some notes or a script that your creator-friends can use to make it super easy for them to participate.

The day and week of your launch is a big milestone in your Patreon journey, and the promotion work doesn’t end there; it’s just the beginning. Before you get swept up in the next phase of marketing and continuing to build your membership, take a step back and celebrate all your hard work and creative innovations that led to launch day. High fives to you and your team!

For an in-depth resource on promoting your membership, read The ultimate guide to a successful Patreon launch.

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